Learn to play and fine tune the strings and develop your love for music. We offer different types of lessons for Guitar- Classic, Electric and Bass for all your musicality desires from beginners to advance.

Classic Guitar (All levels):

Start with the basics for learning guitar using classical/ acoustic guitar. Pluck the strings and adjust the notes with our one by one session with the instructor.



Electric Guitar (All levels):

Be your own musician and learn to play the guitar the rockstar way with one on one session with our experienced and professional guitar instructor.


Bass Guitar (All levels):

Pick up the rhythm and discover the notes and scales on the bass guitar.

Learn how to play violin and experience stimulates everything about basic technics you could learn from the instructor next to you.

It is the heartbeat of the musical ensemble and usually played by beating a solid instrument. Learn it with us through our extensive sessions with our professional instructors.

Drums (All levels):

Don’t just beat the drum but master the art of hand and foot technique to get hit your jam altogether.


Djembe and Conga (All levels):

Play and tap with your hands! Educate yourself with ethnic percussions and learn the art of hand drumming with Djembe and Conga.

It is the ebony and ivory of music ensemble. Learn the keys and discover the Mozart in you with our focused intensive practice sessions with our professional piano instructor.

Do not just play the instruments but learn the ABC’s of the music ensemble, read notes and identify the instruments and musical symbols.

*Drum students not required to attend the theory class

Discover the strings of traditional Arabic harmony by learning to play Oud with our Arabic professional instructor.

Discover the strings of traditional Arabic harmony by learning to play Oud with our Arabic professional instructor.

You will learn great techniques for improving your voice, vocal range and it will help you bring out your hidden musical talents.

Let your children experiment with new instruments and run free with their creativity. It’s an important activity that allows the children to express themselves and being exposed to something new.

Our interactive Music and Movement classes allow your child to explore different sensory activities through different songs and rhyme using a variety of actions, movement instruments and materials.

Music and Movement enhances the development of your child’s cognitive, coordination and language skills in a imaginative, fun and stimulating environment!

Musical theatre teaches students to combine the three skill of dancing, acting and singing. Learning numbers inspired by New York’s Broadway and London’s West End, they learn to master the art of controlling breath for singing as well as high energy dance choreography with a large emphasis on performance too.