Atelier is An A to Z academy for Music and Arts, offers a wide range of activities and lessons in a friendly and professional studio environment for all ages!

The “Atelier” opened its door on September, 2017 with an intensive schedule of classes, all you need from music, dance, arts and Fitness in one place.

Our mission is to provide our talents a home where they can get personalized learning environment, enhance the ability of students to develop critical cognitive skills and contribute to the community and the profession through performances on a professional level.

We are professional music & arts school offering lessons for children, adults and seniors.


A- Art.

We in Atelier believes in ART and that’s why we have put up a school dedicated to all aspects of art. We put our heART into ART by dedicating and sharing our talents and enhancing one’s talents at a young age up to adults. Art is for everyone!

T- Teacher and Talent.

With our long track of experience in the field of arts and entertainment, our pool of teachers is well-equipped with knowledge and experience. Our students will surely develop and learn their chosen field of class from music, dancing, fitness and arts.

E- Experience.

Whether you are an experienced student or a complete novice in your chosen field of class you are welcome to enroll. Our school is open to everybody of all ages and experience. All you need is to register to start the classes.

L- Limitless and Learning.

Learning is not only for our students but is a two-way relationship where the student and instructor both learn from each other’s experiences. The learning experience is limitless for us as it is one’s dedication to develop more of the talent that we enhance in our school. Remember that learning is growing…learning never stops!

I- Innovative.

Our school is not your typical art school with only four corners of the room. You meet and find new friends; we collaborate with each other – artists, students, teachers and other entertainment and art professionals; it is a place to show your talent to everyone and to have fun while learning and enhancing your talent. Our school is the newest Doha’s talent HUB where you can hangout and just chill with friends and co-artists after classes

E- Enjoy.

We make sure that learning art is an enjoyable experience for our students. Our school is equipped with all your entertainment needs from musical instrument and music studio, dance shoes and studio, art paraphernalia and of course the team and instructors behind our school is one amazing ensemble to complete your learning journey a very enjoyable one!

R- Roof/ Residency.

Atelier is the roof and residency of Art in Doha. It is your place to learn, enhance or just hangout to display your talents. No one is left behind under our roof from beginners or young age to professionals and experienced talented people. Our door is welcome to all talents of all ages.

Melody Music School

We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and other instruments.